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although the units do face the oscar park to the south. as i mentioned, the sponsor will describe the detail design and program featureses of the project but i'd like to introduce two specific items. first, the project includes a large plaza at the western portion of the site which would include landscaping, fixed and movable seating, and adjacent retail services on the ground floor. the plaza features fluid physical connections to the future oscar park which will be situated to the south. a portion of this area will satisfy code requirements for mid-block crossing for visitors wish totionv travel between oscar park and tehama street. although the plaza is not fenced, visitors would be able to access the plaza. it does not require open space under the code aside from the 20 foot wide mid-block connection that i described. there are several conditions of approval included in the draft 309 section referencing required open space under planning code section 138. should the commission choose to approve the project, staff would ask those conditions be deleted as they do not apply. anot
acontecer electoral... sobre este particular, oscar hacemos una pausa.... pero usted siga pegadito de su televisor, que enseguida volvemos con mas de esta edicion especial de univision washington.... y si ya va camino al trabajo, puede mantenerse en con nosotros a traves de facebook, tweeter y a traves de nuestro sitio de concluimos esta edicion especial con una nota simpatica... esta eleccion fue, sin dudas, historica. pero no solo para los candidatos presidenciales, sino tambien para una anciana en carolina del sur... quien a sus 106 an~os logro ejercer su derecho al voto -por primera vez!!! gladis miller es de las pocas personas que ha sido testigo de 19 diferentes presidentes. .. y no fue hasta ahora que se animo a votar. por que? dice que nunca habia sentido la urgencia de ir a las urnas, sino hasta ahora... luego que una amiga le explico que en esta eleccion, literalmente, su voto podia hacer la diferencia. demostrado queda: nunca es tarde para llevar a cabo nuestra responsabilidad ciudadana. ...junto a las elecciones presidenciales, los estadounidenses votaron tambien por varias
," the cohen brothers remake, opened at christmas and did tremendously well on its path to a lot of oscar nominations. i think it is going to be the same for "django" as well. > > and now we will see what the weinsteins can do with a wide start. moving on to "les mis," this has some blockbuster powerful names behind it: anne hathaway, hugh jackman, russell crowe... > > this is going to be a big holiday event, because it is the first time that the stage musical, "les miserables," has been adapted for the screen. it is director tom hooper's first film since he won the oscar for "the king's speech," best picture. i think both hugh jackman and anne hathaway are going to be sort of in play for best actor, best supporting actress nominations. > > wow. > > so i think there is going to be a lot of interest in the movie, and certainly the awards people will definitely be keeping an eye on this one. > > what about "parental guidance?" this one has billy crystal and bette midler. "grandpa tells lots of jokes that you won't get. just laugh." "they're here!" "hello boy! you still single?" [laughter >
varias luego, entre otros... comos a ca oscar hoya,, ganÓ en una pela que muchos consideran que Él no era ni la sombra de lo que habÍa sido, su Última cita perdiÓ contra el mexicano duran, se retirÓ con 79 victorias, 6 revÉs y 3 empates pero aparte de eso, serÁ recordado por su personalidad radiante y pinto resaca, por su forma de vestir porque en cualquier krakraud lÍ que se enfrentaba a uno de los grandes. >>> hizo parte de "mira quiÉn baila" aunque fue primer eliminado, hacÍa pequeÑas cÁpsulas que eran transmitidas cada lunes en el programa el gordo y la flaca" regresamos con ustedes. >>> muchas gracias, adriana hablar de hÉctor "el macho" camacho es hablar de puerto rico y new york en un sector conocido como el barrio, comenzÓ a forjarse la leyenda ahÍ lamentaron su muerte para las personas Él hector "el macho" camacho era como uno hijo de la comunidad, recorrimos las calles por donde comenzÓ la historia del campeÓn. >>> fue aquÍ en este gimnasio donde comenzÓ su primeros pasos en su camino a la fama en el mundo del boxeo. >>> un hombre que dejo algo para recordarlo
minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>> you've seen them on the red carpet, fashions by oscar dde de la renta, christian lacroix. now you can stay in rooms fashioned by those designers. we talked about couture vacations. >> three famous designers have gotten their hands on hotels around the world. let's begin with sara game in italy. >> in florence. the thing is, people love their designers and what better way to really embrace that designer by staying in a hotel they have put together with all their famous touches. so they are actually based in florence so why not have the hotel, the engarno, right on the banks of the river. you can see the arno, you can even see the incredible delmo. just gorgeous right from your room. sara game is known for their attention to detail and a lot of craftsmanship and this hotel really reflects that. >> on to paris and christian lacroix known for famous designs. what will we find them. >> lacroix is known for couture, vivid colors like the magenta i'm wearing. this hotel dates back to the 17th century. instead of krcroissants, you'll find a blow
with exclusive access to the most controversial movie of the oscar season. "zero dark thirty." >>> and the new dolly, the reigning queen of country opens up about her very first song, the extreme makeovers. >> my girls are doing pretty good. >> and frank details of her love life. >>> and good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. so, what did you do at work today? chances are good that on this cyber monday there was some point, click and buy going on. a record-breaking $1.5 billion worth of merchandise expected to have been order online today and no one shipped more orders than amazon. it's a company known for its competitiveness and its secrecy. but abc's neal karlinsky was allowed inside to see the amazon magic. >> reporter: this is what the inner world of amazon looks like on cyber monday. capitalism on parade. "nightline" was invited in for a rare glimpse at one of its 80 huge fulfillment centers strategically sprinkled around the globe. look down the aisle here. that's a lot of stuff. to find out what happens when you point, click and buy. a process that follows miles of conveyer belts inside a
... los deportes...con oscar burgos...hoy el resumen de la accion nos llega nuestra estacion afiliada, univision boston... alli se encuentra oscar burgos con toda la informacion... oscar adelante... mls: playoffs iniciamos con la mls porque ya se conocen a los finalistas de las conferencias, anoche en nueva york por el este, dc united de visita supero 1-0 a red bulls, el unico gol fue anotado por el juvenil nick de leon a los 88 minutos de tiempo corrido, los locales dejaron escapar la victoria al fallar un tiro penal. con esta victoria dc united jugara la final el domingo a las 4 de la tarde en houston con el dynamo que dejo fuera al lider sporting. podria ser tambien el retorno del capitan wayne de rosario quie se recupera de una lesion que lo dejo fuera por varias semanas. super semifinal este d.c. united 1 red bulls 0 cortesia: mls/csn/nbc por la conferencia del oeste y jugando en el estadio rio tinto, seattle sounders de visita derroto tambien por la minima diferenia de 1-0 a real salt lake. el unico gol fue anotado por el hondureño mario martinez a los 81 minutos. el sounders j
a great day wherever you are. tavis: good evening. tonight, a conversation with two-time oscar winner sally field. she is once again in the oscar conversation for her role as she is once again in the oscar conversation for her role as mary todd li
here thanks to oscar corral and his mother-in-law and some others i found out that the real little havana in latvia is hialeah. but it's not very little anymore. about 225,000 people. and that was the population of miami within the city limits. >> within miami proper? just over 400,000. >> i thought little havana was around -- [inaudible] and if you wield a cup of cuban coffee, you watch the old men play checkers across the street, you'd been there. [laughter] >> well, speaking of oscar, you have a incredible reputation for the amount of research that you do when you're writing a book. how do you compare the research you did for "charlotte simmons" or "man in full" to the research you did in miami for "blood," and i don't think you've ever done this before, so what was it like having a camera following you around during your research? i know that when i was in office, oscar corral followed me around all the time, and i didn't particularly like it, so -- [laughter] >> you'll see for yourself what happened to me when oscar followed me around. he's on after we arement the one thing i
feel like you won the oscars. it's different when you are standing here. i do not even have a written speech. i will speak from the heart. today is a very important day for me and my family because this happens to be my father's death anniversary. i want to dedicate this to my father. my mom flew in tonight. my brother, who works for bart. [applause] i have my nephew, who is here tonight. i want him to see me so he can follow my footsteps sunday to give back to the community. with me here are my managers and supervisors. i also have my longtime friend, jamie, who has been here. i see my former boss here. i have been nominated so many times. it really feels like you won an oscar. lastly, i wanted to thank my husband, who has been not just a husband to me, but he has been my chauffeur -- [laughter] mike coy cook, personal photographer, and no. 1 critic. i know i forgot so many people tonight. you know who you are. if i can give more to the city, i will. thank you. [applause] >> they have extra photographers that travel with them. let's hear it one more time for jocelyn and her family. t
, tú también tienes. s.o.t. oscar monroy/19 años 26:33:09 te ven como un rebelde, como una persona que no le importa lo que los demás piensen. oscar monroy es otro tatuado arrepentido. s.o.t. oscar monroy/19 años 25:09:15 tengo tatuajes en mis pies y en mi espalda y en mi pecho. a l slo le estn quitando el que est visible en su mano. s.o.t oscar monroy/19 años 24:52:11 a veces miro mi cuerpo y me digo a mi mismo para que habia agarrado, me gustaría mejor ser una persona limpia.. eso es lo que ofrece el programa 'clean slate,' y es completament e gratis. aunque la remosin de los tatuajes es lenta.. el laser los desvanece, pero poco a poco. s.o.t. xochitl montes/clean slate 39:11;15 al terminar el programa son personas ya más sociables, tienen ya más metas en el futuro, saben que es lo que quieren hacer con su vidas, y en cuanto se remueven los tatuajes es una personas totalmente diferente y cambiada. para participar del programa clean slate, el individuo tiene que tener entre 14 y 25 aÑos, no estar involucrado con pandillas, tienen que estar estudiando o trabajando, estar dispues
. >> >> predickions on who will be taking home an oscar already underway. almost three months before the nomination ceremony takes place, we'll take a look at top movie contenders when kron4 news at 8:00 returns. . >>> still ahead, highlights of all of the sports, coming up. . thrget 3 yearsgiving weekend, interest-free financing and save up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >>> tracking all of the early movie oscar contenders. -
of the case of casey anthony..... and already oscar buzz >> congress rourke turwill retuo work this week. with level evidence of progress in striking a deal to avoid " the fiscal cliff. >> the series a tax increases and spending cuts set to go into effect next year would dramatically alter the economy. but the the joins reports. >> we must get an agreement. --athena jones.. >> this is not a done deal or a certainty if congress does nothing which they're pretty good about these days. we will go over the fiscal cliff. >> staffers have a working behind the scenes to find common ground to avoid cuts that should be concerning for everyone. >> they should be worried if we have a defense job or if we are dependent on others of the federal budget. the regulation of our food safety, and our borders being secure. or fbi. >> the sticking point is what to do about taxes. the democrats want to raise taxes for the wealthy and republicans to not. the anti-tax crusader had gotten a majority of the " law makers to pledge not to support any effort to raise taxes. >> i'm willing to recorgenerate revenue. w
the shooting of oscar grant about to debut at a major film festival. we'll tell you which oscar winner is slated for one of the lead roles. >>> half a billion dollars was up for grabs almost everywhere but not here in california. but as of this morning, that is all changing. how you could walk away as the winner of the next powerball drawing. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hot spot that connects your wi-fi devices and can even save on your smart phone data usage at home. so call now to get at&t u-verse high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 1
evening. tonight, a conversation with two-time oscar winner sally field. she is once again in the oscar conversation for her role as mary todd lincoln "lincoln" stars and daniel day lewis and tommy lee jones. we are glad that you joined us. a conversation with sally field coming up right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminate hunger and we have work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: what a pleasure to welcome sally field to this program. the oscar winner has been a beloved actress. currently starring in what is the most talked about films of "lincoln" lincoln quote. a trip down memory lane. can we do that? >> i guess so. tavis: a small sampling of your award winning career. >> you know, i was on broadway wants. >> really? >> for almost 12 minute
are waiting to hear. the time is 11:50. >>> a look at movies getting oscar consideration, at least hoping to. >>> tom kierein will be back >>> in today's theme, the oscar race. we have julia here to talk about it. do movie directors hold back films so people will remember them or judges will when oscar season or voting is happening? >> it's the common wisdom. if you want to see the best movies, the most artistic movies this is the time to do it. >> tell me a little bit about the european film showcase. >> the eu film showcase is beginning this weekend. you can see foreign oscar contenders. they are going to be hot films including dustin hoffman's direct directorial debut. the film opens tomorrow. >> these are not just european films? >> that is. >> oh, it is? wow. >> you will be surprised. >> they could be oscar contenders. there's another one you talk about, silver lining play book with bradley cooper. let's look at that. >> the whole time you root for the guys, survive the war and be with the woman he loves. >> it's 4:00 in the morning, pat. >> i can't apologize. i will apologize to earnes
-time oscar winner, sally field is here. she's on her way to a third oscar with her performance in "lincoln" but the acceptance speech you'll want to see is what she had to say about her son when she received an award this year from the human rights campaign. and in the rewrite tonight, another unarmed black teenage boy is shot dead in florida. and yes, the shooter now claims he was standing his ground oh. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. >>> in the most awkward lunch of the year, president obama broke bread with mitt romney today. gene robinson and anna marie cox join me to discuss how and why such things happen. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
favorite puppet. >> oscar the grouch was my favorite as a little kid. >> you didn't like animal? >> yeah, but definitely oscar. >> okay. i think we have to give it to big bird, though. it is time now for an early look at some of the stories we'll follow throughout the day right here on nbc. the presidential candidates will make the most of their final day on the campaign trail. president obama kicks off his day in wisconsin and then heads to ohio, wrapping up in iowa, the state where his 2008 campaign began. in the meantime, vice president biden will spend the day in virginia. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney has rallies planned in florida, ohio, virginia, and new hampshire, and vp nominee paul ryan will hit five states today, nevada, colorado, iowa, ohio, and wisconsin. >>> and finally, it is halloween in new jersey. governor christie postponed last week's celebrations until today as a result of sandy. so there you go. all day long you can stay on top of the very latest developments in those stories and others as they break on msnbc. tonight, be sure to watch brian williams w
success, and are there any kind of oscar lines being thrown around about it for the actors? > > there definitely are. i think a few of us that are very big fans of the movie, there's not really a lot of best picture talk, although there is going to be whispers about that, but judi dench is a possibility for a nomination. the cinematography, if that's not nominated, it's going to be crazy. but word-of-mouth is a big deal with these bond movies. everyone is going to want to go see a bond movie. if you say it's good, they go, "oh, i might go check it out." if you say it's great, then it becomes an event. and this one is great. > > here are the final numbers from last weekend: "skyfall" coming in with $88 million. "wreck-it ralph" still hanging in there at $33 million. "flight" at $14 million, "argo" at $6 million - that's a word- of-mouth - and "taken 2" hanging in there with $4 million. "lincoln" is also doing well at the box office. > > yeah, only released on 11 screens across the country, just on here in chicago. made $900,000 last weekend. that's the biggest opening in tha
and the oscar? how do you handle that? >> at the grand old age of 27 and i have been doing this for the last 10 years. i think i have gone into a group of being able to chill out about things and go, that was the finale --i could not handle it. it was not something i was aiming for. you always go would you like to be rich and famous? because it had not been something, i am going to hollywood, i'm going to do this. it was a total shock and i absolutely was not prepared for any of it. there was a time of being very frightened by it. i am incredibly lucky, i have a very close family and a close group of friends and they literally just kind of protected me. that was wonderful. i think now i am incredibly lucky. i have amazing experiences. you learn to deal with the things that are presented to you. you are dealing with the positives and negatives and cling to the positives. tavis: i suspect any parent would be happy or least comfortable with the success you have had now at the ripe old age of 27 but given the close-knit family your referenced, were your parents encouraging of you to go in this dire
field to this program. the oscar winner has been a beloved actress. currently starring in what is the most talked about films of "lincoln" lincoln quote. a trip down memory lane. can we do that? >> i guess so. tavis: a small sampling of your award winning career. >> you know, i was on broadway wants. >> really? >> for almost 12 minutes. the show closed the first night. i was so good. you should have seen me. he's going to take you and the fire department to get me out of here. i'll wait for the sheriff. until heoing to budge gets here. >> stop thinking about before you end up killing yourself. >> you listen to me. if we lose this place, you are going back to be taken for every single meal. and i will lose what is left of my family. i will not let that happen. i do not care if it kills me or kills you. i will not give up. if the two of you do, you could go straight to hell. >> daniel, oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. the whole time? >> i do not think i can take this. to hit somethingnt until they feel as bad as i do. >> here, hit this. mama?t's my destiny, >> you are going to ha
an oscar. it's now on my mantle, an award i was given for being an advocate, or i guess the best advocate is what they called it. it was an evening that touched me greatly. the chairs of the event and all of the organizers, the superb lay leaders who work with jcrc and our outstanding staff put on an event that was a total surprise for me and a great success for jcrc and i thank the community and one i will treasure forever. >> oscars were there because you are among many, many other things, a lover of movies. >> this is very true. i like to say i like bad movies. [ laughter ] >> do you have any movies that you've seen lately that you suggest? >> i just saw with my wife the movie "flight" with denzel washington, which is a very tough movie and one of the greatest performances i've ever seen. >> great, wonderful. so 30 years. what do you look at in terms of future trends? what do you think is really on the horizon as we look toward the eternal values of communal engagement? >> so i think one of the trends that i've seen in recent years has been the growth of antiisrael activity in the bay
to cheer this guy up. who? oscar mayer. >> the weiner people? >> they said, you know what we have? >> really good hot dogs. >> and the weiner mobile. >> no. >> so the weiner mobile made a little detour and went to his house to surprise him. >> what is it? say it out loud. >> a hot dog mobile! >> now, not only did the weiner mobile show up, but they brought gifts for him. they also, of course, had a hot dog party. >> you have to. >> we're very blessed he's ours. it's really fun to be able to share him with the rest of cardinal nation. i guess even more so other people too. >> this kid went from being a sad cardinals fan to a full-on rock star. >> couldn't happen to a nicer kid. couldn't happen to a nicer family. >> thank you, oscar mayer. >>> okay. who wants to win an ipad 3? it's time for us to give one away. >> remember, you have to be 18 or older to enter, and you have to have thursday's buzz word. >> that's when you head over to our facebook page to enter today's giveaway. >> beth, here we go. time to reveal the buzz word. >> thursday's buzz word is -- >> deluxe. now head over
. >> stephen: yeah, but her name tag says jim lovell. >> well, you know, he is an american hero, and oscar-denied hero. (laughter) there you go, commander. >> stephen: all right. tom-- (applause) tom, i got to say, that the costumes obviously are great but are there any costumes that are not -- >> trick or treat. (applause) >> stephen: and what are you supposed to be. >> i'm a fedex employee. (laughter) >> stephen: okay that is clearly your character from cast away. >> nobody, it's not, hey, let's get some candy for your bucket. there you go. >> stephen: oh come on, tom, tom, tom. (applause) look at that. >> i know, i know, isn't it great. and it's so simple to makement you probably have a volleyball at your house, or just steal one from the local high school. and then just use the blood in your body, and it's a real penney pincher. >> stephen: thank you, thank you very much, thank you. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: tom, that's great, but listen, if you want to talk about your movie ca remember -- >> no, no, no steph en, steve be, stephen, my career speaks for itself. and is available
as the jewish council, doug, what are you holding there? >> i am holding an oscar and it was on my mantel and i got the award for getting the best cuke the chairs of the event and surrender purpose leaders and -- surrender push levels and i think our community is one i will cherish forever. >> this is true i like to say i like bad movies. >> do you have any movies you just a saw flight and it is a very tough move are you san one the greatest in term of future. one of the trends in recent years is the from growth in the bay area which i really trace back to and not just as critical and and we have indicated a strong american israel relationship and strong democrat particular israel relationship as well. that is a children and i'm sure people using that and does if specifically had have a right to exist as their own sorry nation in the world? >> well, i would and we have taken a track stance and growing pollarization in within the broader society and in this most recent election and it is a polar and what a and our holder of he can end burglar of civil discoursement and because we have always bro
have victor par and oscar lab tory and sean smith and adriane simy and carl with the local carpenters 22, danny campbell with the sheet metal workers and the operating engineers -- who am i missing? ramone hernandez right behind me. i should have looked back. [applause] and additionally
to this oscar mayer commercial, i love to eat it every day and if you ask me why i say 'cause oscar meyer has a way with -- >> b-o-l-o-g-n-a. >> a bad day for me. >> got to make them harder, kath wants to give away her cds. baloney. >> baloney. do you also know that oscar my myer meyer had a wiener mobile, 1936, iconic marketing. also did i love to be an oscar meyer wiener, 1963. so, this commercial, the boy in the commercial on the dock with the fishing pole, many people remember, that boy is now a computer programmer. yes, he is and an entrepreneur. so people go on to do great things. one more. might stump them. try this one. >> nice man from ohio. who wrote the jingle for band aids, i am stuck on band-aid band because band-aid's stuck on me. >> i only know this 'cause i live with a fanilow, it's barry manilow. >> a clean sweep. >>>i didn't know that barry manilow. amazing. >> barry manilow also wrote jingles for state farm insurance, mcdonald's, and john travolta was in a 1975 commercial for band-aid. so, there are lots of nostalgic things for band-aid brand. >> we have time for one last o
report. i'm amy goodman. our guests are three-time oscar winning director oliver stone as well as a historian peter kuznick. they have written the book, "untold history of the united states." >> i want to ask about president reagan. in your book, the have a chapter title "death squads for democracy." this is ronald reagan in 1983 giving an address on central america. >> strategic importance of central america from ordering as it does and the caribbean, are a lifeline to the outside world. two-thirds of all our foreign trade in petroleum passed to the panama canal and the caribbean. in the european crisis, at least half of our supplies for nato would go through these areas by sea. >> talk to us about ronald reagan in central america policy. >> ronald reagan set american policy back about 20 years. he took the cold war to a new level, almost to the edge of world war. he said constantly that the soviet union was ahead of the united states in every military capacity. he pumped up -- we never were. in these seven years since the cold war, we were always ahead. we were the underdog a
prometer esta segunda parte para antes de la pausa, pasamos con oscar buenas noches, arrancamos con noticias de la mls y el mal tiempo que impera en la costa este de la union americana. y es que el partido de vuelta de las semifinales de conferencia del este entre new york red bulls y d.c. united fue suspendido por una tormenta de nieve, mas adelante les tendre mas informacion. ahora vamos con las imagenes de la norsjeland, chelsea supero 3-2 a sharktar donetsk, las imagenes que estamos viendo corresponden a la victoria de manchester united 3-1 sobre el braga. los goles fueron anotados por alan de tiro penal a los 49 minutos, empato robin van persie a seguimos con mas futbol internacional. por la copa sudamericana, sao paulo goleo 5-0 a la universidad de chile y clasifico a la semifinal. el el salvador, atletico marte goleo 5-1 a once municipal, estas imagenes corresponden al empate entre santa tecla a alianza, juventud independiente empato 1-1 con la universidad. en guatemala, municipal empato de local 0-0 con halcones la mesilla y petapa tambien de local empato 1-1
-blockbuster, at least initially. but it's going to be the one with all the oscar buzz. daniel day lewis, if you've seen the trailer, you can see it online, remarkable. sally field as his wife. and she fought for that role. she had gotten that role ten years ago with steven spielberg, but she thought she had aged out. i think she's fantastic. >> i think she's fantastic. i can't imagine anyone coming up to daniel day-lewis with best actor. he has defined lincoln for the angs. >> although we'll see anthony hopkins as alfred hitchcock soon. but that's another story. >> let's talk about another one getting a lot of buzz which is silver lining's playbook. here's a clip. >> i'm tired. i want to go. >> no, no, no. we haven't even finished the salad yet. or the duck. i made the fire and ice cake. >> i said i'm tired. are you going to walk me home or what? >> you mean me? >> yeah, you. are you going to walk me home? >> you better be a gentleman. >> i know, bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence, two people who are really hot right now. this is one of the film festival movies that debuted in the fall. it already go
. >> who wrote the music and letter rix? >> kathie lee gifford? >> no, oscar and hammerstein. >> there's a new trend. you see birthing announcements. mail in the postcard. we want to say who hasn't. >> yeah. well anyway, here is a new trend in videos that people are sending links when they're having a baby. >> michael lerue from fresno, california found out he and his wife were expecting this is adorable. they caught the whole nine months on tape. let's watch. >> oh. oh, my god! >> it's like the last miracle birth still. little oliver wolfe lerue was bo born november 1st. >>> we have another story about a man who was very upset after his wife had a baby and he looked at the child and realized that the child wasn't cute. >> this is unbelievable. this man is chinese. suing his wife because the baby is ugly. offended by his newborn looks. >> all right. >> so he had a baby girl. the problem is not only did he think the baby was awful looking he claimed the baby didn't look like either the mom or dad. >> here's what happened. they did a dna test. they did prove it was the child. here's the
to 5k plan to the test. details coming up. >> a little later get rich, oscar winner -- guess which oscar winner is playing the bad guy opposite daniel craig in the new bond movie coming out today? >>> 5:35. we have a cold start this morning. got the gloves and the jacketed, we're in the 30s -- jackets, we're in the 30s and 40s now but we can shed most of this later today. in fact by lunchtime far more comfortable and sunny and 55 degrees at the noon hour. northwest winds about 10 miles an hour this afternoon with the high approaching 60 at 3:00 and by 5:00 p.m. the sun will have set and 57. and we'll be back in a few minutes with a nice warm weekend forecast. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. >>> thank you so much. on the southbound side of the gw parkway an accident just reported near route 123 here at the american legion bridge. on the west side of town you're okay until you get on to the gw parkway. more details on that coming up at 5:45. >>> you want to shape up? get off the couch! ♪ couch to 5k with jessica doyle. >> hey friends. i'm in week eight of my couch t
presidents is the subject of a new movie getting a lot of oscar buzz. we'll tax a closer look at lincoln when fox 5 morning news continues. -- we'll take a closer look at lincoln when fox 5 morning news continues. >>> it is a movie that is already getting a lot of oscar buzz. >> lincoln takes a look at the life of a president who changed the course of history. adam housley has more. >> the government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth. >> director steven spielberg's new movie lincoln tells the story of the 16th president's final political battle trying to convince the house of representatives to abolish slavery. >> now, now, now. >> reporter: spielberg and star daniel day lewis both say they are fascinated by the man. >> no one has ever been loved so much by the people. don't waste that power. >> there has never been a human being that i never met that lov doubt there ever will be. >> he is one of the most compelling figures in american history and in my life certainly from childhood when i first was taken at four or five years old to see the lincoln
. >>> and we have more on how the movie about oscar grant gained recognition. >>> some people are still dealing with yesterday's rain, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic. . >>> they covered his final hours before he was shot and killed at the fruit station. the movie is starting academy award-winning actress who will be competing and it will be addressed in utah. >>> the new starting quarterback, coach jim harbaugh announced he will have a quarterback starting who will take over for alex smith who suffered a concussion. the new starter said there is no bad blood between he and alex smith. >> he helped me a lot with progressions and he has been a great help to get me to where i am right now. >> he has not been demoted and he insisted his choice for starting quarterback could change from week to week. >>> barry bonds is on the baseball hall of fame ballot. he spoke with one of the baseball writers who will vote him in or out. you just can't vote for players who are tainted by performance enhancing drugs, even if it is barry bonds but barry bonds said if you believe i am a bad person, or
en el hemisferio sur cada 540 ahora pasamos con un avance de la informacion deportiva con oscar burgos... socio!! buenas tardes para todos y como siempre bienvenidos al resumen deportivo de esta hora. despues de una buena temporada la novena de washington en el beisbol de grandes ligas, se confirmo que el jardinero de los nacionales, bryce harper fue seleccionado novato del aÑo en la liga nacional, bryce harper registrÓ promedio de .270 con 22 jonrones, 59 remolques y 18 robos. harper, de 20 aÑos, es el segundo novato del aÑo mÁs joven en la historia, un mes mayor que el ex lanzador de los mets dwight gooden cuando ganÓ el mismo tenemos noticias de un grande del futbol que se encuentra hospitalizado. se trata del el exfutbolista brasileÑo edson arantes do nascimento "pelÉ", de 72 aÑos, estÁ ingresado en un hospital de sao paulo, informaron hoy fuentes me Édicas. pero no ofrecieron mÁs informaciones a pedido de la familia del exfutbolista . sin embargo, el diario folha de sao paulo, citando una fuente anÓnima proxima a pelÉ, afirmÓ que el exjugador se habrÍa some
a competir por el oscar. >>después de lucía es el titulo de la película que causa sensación. trata sobre la falta de comunicacion entre adolescentes y padres, y el acoso en la escuela >>alejandra es una niña que se cambia al d.f. vivía en puerto vallarta, tras la muerte de su madre. ella trata de asumir responsabilidades que no le corresponde y se le sale de control >>premiada en cannes, la película estaba pensaba para ser protagonizada por un niño >>pensé en qué posibilidad daba el tener un personaje femenino que masculino >>así se toma en cuenta también otro tema arriagado, el machismo. >>ingresaría como mejor película extranejera en los oscar. muchas gracias, daniela >>vamos a cambiar de tema, 7 millones de animales son abandonados cada año en este país, la mayoría termina sacrificado en los albergues. >>xiomara gonzalez nos cuenta que la cantante apoya una medida que salvaría a más de 25 mil animales al año en la ciudad donde ella vive >>esta es la casa de la esposa de willy chirino >>20 pajados, 7 perros 5 gatos. >>la artista ha rescatado a más de 100 animales, incluy
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